Alfredo Di Stefano Real Madrid Personal Bonus Letter From Club – 1962

Incredibly rare Alfredo Di Stefano personal letter from the club awarding him a bonus of 573,500 pesetas for his contribution to the team

Rare letter original letter dated : 30th July 1962

Letter has beautiful gold embossed logo at the top of the page and has been typed out by hand

Letter reads ;

Mi querido amigo :

Los servicios de contabilidad me informan que durante el transcurso de la passada temporada, te ha sido abona- da la cantidad de :

573.500,00 pesetas,

en concept de primas por partidos ganados y empatados.

No dudando habras ahorrado la totalidad de este importe, con vistas a tu vida futura , te felicito por los exitos alcanzados y te deseo de todo corazon que en el transcurso de la proxima temporada se pueda aumentar aun mas si cabe la cantidad anteriormente resenada.

Te abraza afectuosamente, tu amigo

Raimundo Saporta


My dear friend :

The accounting services inform me that during the past season, you have been paid the amount of:

573,500.00 pesetas,

in concept of bonuses for matches won and tied.

Not doubting you will have saved the entire amount of this amount, with a view to your future life, I congratulate you on the successes achieved and I wish you with all my heart that in the course of the next season the amount previously mentioned can be increased even more if possible.

Hug you affectionately, your friend

Raimundo Saporta

Letter has been hand signed at the bottom by club treasurer Raimundo Saporta

Saporta started at Real Madrid as an accountant in May 1953. Among his first tasks at the club was to act as the club’s emissary in the Di Stefano transfer, where he helped negotiate the deal that would have seen the Argentine player play for Real Madrid one season and Barcelona the other until the Catalans sold their rights to the player to Madrid. Saporta would later play a role in the transfers of Raymond Kopa, Ference Puskas and Franciso Gento. In 1954, Saporta was made club treasurer where he managed the club’s rocky finances, opening a savings account for every player on Real Madrid’s books to check their spending. Much like Bernabeu, Saporta was known for his paternalistic style of management earning the nickname “Uncle Rai” among the Real Madrid players.

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Alfredo Di Stefano
Real Madrid
Personal Letter
30th July 1962