Gareth Bale Match Worn Tottenham Hotspur Europa League Shirt 2008 – 2009 Season

Incredibly rare Gareth Bale match worn Tottenham Hotspur shirt

Shirt worn by Gareth during the Europa League fixture v Udinese on October 23rd 2008

Shirt remains in worn used condition having remained unwashed after the match and has all the correct labels and tags inside which is different to that of the retail version shirt and issued directly to the club - player for match use

The shirt was given by Bale to an Udinese coaching staff member who kept the shirt unwashed with visible stains on front. The shirt is very recognizable from game’s footages especially because some very recognizable folds on front and on the back and because the sponsor on chest is very awry. The shirt comes with a signed COA from the Udinese team member who got it from Bale to confirm the shirt is match worn and from this fixture alongside with a picture of him holding the shirt in his hands.

Rare and beautiful worn item from the former Tottenham club legend and one of the greatest players to ever play for the club

Museum example item

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Gareth Bale
Match Worn
Tottenham Hotspur Shirt
Europa League
23rd October 2008