George Best Match Worn Manchester United Shirt – 1968 – 1969 Season

Incredibly rare and beautiful George Best match worn Manchester United Shirt

Shirt worn by George during the 1968 - 1969 season with Manchester United

This shirt was gifted by George to his friend and former Manchester United teammate Tony Dunne and comes with a signed letter of authenticity from Tony to confirm this shirt was worn by George for Manchester United and part of his private collection

This shirt was worn by George during the 1968 - 1969 season when George mainly played as a inside right for Manchester United which is why it has the number 8 on the back

Shirt remains in good - fairly good condition considering its age and has all the correct labels and tags from this time period with Manchester United

George Best played 470 games for Manchester United. Never did he have to carry the substitute’s number 12. Once – against Sheffield Wednesday in March 1969 – he donned the number 9 shirt. He wore number 10 on 39 occasions and had 8 on his back 43 times. In a total of 141 games, he was number 7, including the 1968 European Cup final win against Benfica.

During his spell at United, George Best wore the no.7, no.8, no.9, no.10 and no.11 jerseys. The reason he wore so many different kit numbers was because Best played at United when shirt numbers were assigned to positions, in the traditional English way, and not the player. When Best played at right wing, as he famously did during the later stages of the 1966 and 1968 European Cups, he wore the number 7. As a left winger, where he played exclusively in his debut season and nearly all of the 1971-72 season, he wore the number 11. Best wore the number 8 shirt at inside right on occasion throughout the 1960s, but for more than half of his matches during the 1970-71 season. He was playing at inside left (wearing the number 10) in 1972 when he famously walked out on United the first time but was back in the number 11 for the autumn of 1973 before leaving for good. Best even wore the number 9 jersey once for United, with Bobby Charlton injured, on 22 March 1969 at Old Trafford, scoring the only goal in a 1–0 win over Sheffield Wednesday.

In 1974, aged 27, Best quit United for good. His last competitive game for the club was on 1 January 1974 against Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road.

EVERY MAN WANTED TO BE HIM and every woman wanted to have him. Few players are capable of not only existing, but thriving on the precipice of being a world class player on the field while living life on the edge off of it. George Best, a shy boy with a slight frame from Cregagh in the east of Belfast was discovered at 15 years of age in Belfast by Manchester United scout Bob Bishop who supposedly sent a telegram to the Red Devils’ manager, Matt Busby, stating: “I think you’ve found a genius.”

Manchester United certainly found something. The club didn’t know it at the time, but United may have come as close as a club can to capturing lightning in a bottle, and from 1963 to 1974 perhaps it did as the iconic footballing genius of Johan Cruyff stated: “What he had was unique, you can’t coach it.” - The Greatest

Recalling Best’s career and style of play, Patrick Barclay said: “In terms of ability he was the world’s best footballer of all time. He could do almost anything – technically, speed, complete mastery of not only the ball but his own body. You could saw his legs away and he still wouldn’t fall because his balance was uncanny, almost supernatural. Heading ability, passing ability, I mean it goes without saying the dribbling – he could beat anybody in any way he chose. For fun he’d play a one-two off the opponent’s shins.”

For many, there has never been a more exciting player to have ever played the game. Few have the combined skill, toughness and personality of Best. Thick mud, atrocious and near-impossible playing surfaces never hampered his ability in the air, unreal acceleration and swagger to take on any opponent, not to mention a blunt refusal to dive amidst brutal tackling.

He was simply the greatest - The BEST !

Museum example item from the greatest Manchester United player of all time during the height of his career

Sir Bobby Charlton

“At the time when he first got in the team, no one had seen his like before: someone who was so small and tough, who would go into tackles, but also had the ability to turn people inside out and beat anyone he liked.

“George was as good as anyone you will see; he used to embarrass players time and time again. It was paradise watching George play football.”

Diego Maradona

“George inspired me when I was young. He was flamboyant and exciting and able to inspire his team-mates. I actually think we were very similar players – dribblers who were able to create moments of magic.”

Harry Redknapp

“George was the best footballer I’ve ever seen. He was just a special talent. I’ve never seen anyone with the ability to beat people, to dribble, an amazing footballer.

“George Best was just the best. The greatest. He knew players went out onto the pitch to hurt him. They couldn’t get near him.”

Sir Alex Ferguson

“George was unique, the greatest talent our football ever produced – easily.”

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"I think I've found you a genius ..." Scouting report by Bob Bishop on George Best