Johan Cruyff Worn Personalised & Signed Shoes

Incredibly rare Johan Cruyff worn and hand signed personalised shoes

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Johan Cruyff, was reaching the twilight of his career in Barcelona, 1979, when he began to imagine creating a range of footwear himself to challenge the technical and luxury qualities of those on the market beforehand. Subsequently, he did exactly that.

After a few years of trying and failing to encourage big sportswear brands to take his idea seriously, after all this was quite an unusual ambition of a professional sportsman at the time. Eventually he combined with his close friend, Italian designer Emilio Lazzarini, and using his knowledge he set out to create a technical shoe which managed to balance functionality with elegance. Initially the range was filled with “luxury” indoor football shoes, but they quickly became used as a fashion shoe due to their attractive appearance.

Johan is remembered for his time playing for FC Barcelona’s and Holland’s star-studded football teams; he is still widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Cruyff Classics is now a brand with a huge reputation in its own right, their success a measure of his status.

Having been worn on the football pitches in the 80’s by iconic Dutch players such as Van Basten and Vanenberg, then later on in the 90’s, Bergkamp. This era helped to expand the name in fashion beyond his homeland of Holland and further into Europe. Ultimately, this paved the way for silhouettes like the Recopa to enjoy a long and successful future, still standing as one of the brand’s most successful designs.

Known as one of the most stylish and skilful footballers of his generation, he is also recognized as one of the original advocates of “total football” whereby extremely technical players were free to roam free of positional restrictions and effectively play in numerous positions. This was a famous pioneering tactic during Cruyff’s playing days and became associated with the Holland national team, along with his two former clubs, Barcelona and Ajax.

These shoes was worn by Johan around 2013 - 2014 believed to be for Golf / casual / sports / events etc

Shoes still show signs of wear and use and remain in worn / used condition

Obtained through Johan's son Jordi Cruyff

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