Original WW2 US Navy D-Day Flown Flag Omaha Beach 1944

Presented is an original 1944 United States of America flag which features 48 stars. It is constructed of wool bunting. The sailcloth holds a suspension rope with two brass clips on either end. The white stripes have greyed and there is discoloration from exhaust, weather, and wind. The ends are frayed and there are some holes, but the flag is in very good condition. According to the family and provenance of this flag, the Flag was flown from a US landing craft on D Day June 6th, 1944.

The flag is dated by the unique military dating on the exterior in black. This one was used in the Navy (noted by U.S.N.). In general, US flags are used until they are worn out. This one is no exception as it shows heavy fraying from the outdoor elements. It measures 43.5″ x 59″.

This flag was obtained many years ago from an American friend, who had this passed down to them, from there Grandfather. The story has been preserved, but unfortunately, any documented provenance has been lost over the years. Understanding that documented provenance helps authenticate the flag, we would not need provenance to validate the flags year. The stamp dating the flag is accurate, 1944. The style of the flag is correct, NAVAL. It is a smaller version of a flag, dictating that it would have been flown on a smaller ship. In review, a similar D-Day flag, the way the flag is tattered is identical, as is the size, grommets, and stamping.
COA Authentication: 100% Authentic Team

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D-Day 6th June 1944
Omaha Beach