Adolf Hitler , Hermann Goring and Werner von Blomberg Hand Signed WW2 Nazi Document


Adolf Hitler , Hermann Goering , Werner von Blomberg


Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), Führer and Reich Chancellor of Nazi Germany, 1933-1945. Fine condition partially printed, partially typed Document Signed, Adolf Hitler, one page, 8¼” x 11¾”, Berchtesgaden [Germany], July 27, 1935. Countersigned, Göring and Blomberg, by Hermann Wilhelm Göring (1893-1946), Nazi Reichsmarshall and Luftwaffe commander-in-chief, and Field Marshal Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg (1878-1946), Nazi Minister of War and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, 1935-1938. In German, with translation.

This is a very uncommon, triple-signed document in which Hitler, acting “in the name of the Reich,” appoints Hans Pampe to be a Luftwaffe, or air force, major. It is accompanied by a photograph of Hitler, Göring, and von Blomberg and various papers relating to Pampe’s military service in World War I and thereafter through June 1940.

As Reichsmarschall, Göring was the highest ranking member of the German armed forces in World War II. Von Blomberg was the first general Field Marshal whom Hitler appointed.

This document bears a large blind-embossed Nazi eagle seal. Hitler, Göring, and von Blomberg have all signed with bold fountain pen signatures. The document has a few wrinkles, a small stain and a docket note at the top edge, and typical filing holes, but it is in fine condition overall.

We reject Nazism and all that it represented. We nevertheless offer this document because Nazism, although despised, played a large role in the history of the 20th Century. This piece would be a nice addition to any World War II or German military collection.

Douglas Bader Signed Battle of Britain FDC

Rare Douglas Bader hand signed Battle of Britain First Day Cover

Hand signed on the front by the Battle of Britain Ace and hero of the Second World War

First Day Cover dated 25th August 1975 and stamped R.A.F Uxbridge

Group Captain Sir Douglas Robert Steuart Bader, CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar, DL, FRAeS (/ˈbɑːdər/; 21 February 1910 – 5 September 1982) was a Royal Air Force flying ace during the Second World War. He was credited with 22 aerial victories, four shared victories, six probables, one shared probable and 11 enemy aircraft damaged.

Bader joined the RAF in 1928, and was commissioned in 1930. In December 1931, while attempting some aerobatics, he crashed and lost both his legs. Having been on the brink of death, he recovered, retook flight training, passed his check flights and then requested reactivation as a pilot. Although there were no regulations applicable to his situation, he was retired against his will on medical grounds.

After the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, however, Douglas Bader returned to the RAF and was accepted as a pilot. He scored his first victories over Dunkirk during the Battle of France in 1940. He then took part in the Battle of Britain and became a friend and supporter of Air Vice Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory and his “Big Wing” experiments.

In August 1941, Bader baled out over German-occupied France and was captured. Soon afterward, he met and was befriended by Adolf Galland, a prominent German fighter ace. Despite his disability, Bader made a number of escape attempts and was eventually sent to the prisoner of war camp at Colditz Castle. He remained there until April 1945 when the camp was liberated by the First United States Army.

Bader left the RAF permanently in February 1946 and resumed his career in the oil industry. During the 1950s, a book and a film, Reach for the Sky, chronicled his life and RAF career to the end of the Second World War. Bader campaigned for the disabled and in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 1976 was appointed a Knight Bachelor “for services to disabled people”. He continued to fly until ill health forced him to stop in 1979. Bader died, aged 72, on 5 September 1982, after a heart attack.

John H Bradley Hand Signed Iwo Jima Flag Raising Picture 1945

Incredibly rare John H Bradley hand signed picture of the iconic flag raising on mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, Japan on February 23rd 1945

John Bradley was one of the original flag raisers as seen in the iconic photo who is holding the flag pole second from the right

Picture comes with a certificate of authenticity from PSA to confirm the signature is hand signed and genuine

Picture measures – 7 x 5 inches

Rare and beautiful hand signed item from one of the most famous pictures in World history

Original WW2 US Navy D-Day Flown Flag Omaha Beach 1944

Presented is an original 1944 United States of America flag which features 48 stars. It is constructed of wool bunting. The sailcloth holds a suspension rope with two brass clips on either end. The white stripes have greyed and there is discoloration from exhaust, weather, and wind. The ends are frayed and there are some holes, but the flag is in very good condition. According to the family and provenance of this flag, the Flag was flown from a US landing craft on D Day June 6th, 1944.

The flag is dated by the unique military dating on the exterior in black. This one was used in the Navy (noted by U.S.N.). In general, US flags are used until they are worn out. This one is no exception as it shows heavy fraying from the outdoor elements. It measures 43.5″ x 59″.

This flag was obtained many years ago from an American friend, who had this passed down to them, from there Grandfather. The story has been preserved, but unfortunately, any documented provenance has been lost over the years. Understanding that documented provenance helps authenticate the flag, we would not need provenance to validate the flags year. The stamp dating the flag is accurate, 1944. The style of the flag is correct, NAVAL. It is a smaller version of a flag, dictating that it would have been flown on a smaller ship. In review, a similar D-Day flag, the way the flag is tattered is identical, as is the size, grommets, and stamping.
COA Authentication: 100% Authentic Team

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